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Add handy new features to Google Chrome

CoolNovo is another web browser that's based on the same engine as the original Google Chrome and adds a bunch of handy new tools that make it even easier and more enjoyable to use.

The interface in CoolNovo is identical to Google Chrome, with the new features being mainly under the hood: close tabs by double clicking on them, browse the web with mouse gestures, open links by dragging and dropping them, open Internet Explorer tabs and have download managers embedded into the browser's context menu.

The new tools in CoolNovo certainly make web browsing more comfortable, but they also lack proper configuration options. Mouse gestures, for example, can't be tweaked at all.

CoolNovo is a web browser based on Google Chrome's engine with some handy extra features that make it even easier to use.

[Bug fixed]freeze when switch tabs


  • [Bug fixed]freeze when switch tabs


  • As fast and lightweight as Google Chrome
  • Great new features: double click to close tab, download manager integration, mouse gestures, drag links to open and IE tabs


  • You can't customize mouse gestures

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CoolNovo (formerly ChromePlus) for PC

User reviews about CoolNovo

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Why is everyone raving about rubbish like this. It's just Chrome with some extensions pre-installed.
    Pros: Based More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    The best browser based on Chromium!.
    I think that ChromePlus is better than Google Chrome. Why? Because Google Chrome has lesser More

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